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List of all sites sorted by root-name (common alternative spellings in parentheses) where LMLK handles have been excavated (except for Mamsyt, Sokoh [S], & Ziph [N]) {map grid coordinates in braces}:

  1. Abhar (Khirbet el-'Abhar) {N-36}
  2. Adullam {K-39}
  3. Anathoth (Anatot or Anata) {R-34}
  4. Arad {N-50}
  5. Arnona {Q-36}
  6. Aroer {K-54}
  7. Ashdod {B-35}
  8. Azekah (Tell Zakariya) {I-37}
  9. Beersheba (Be'er Sheva; one handle excavated from Tel Beer-sheba [Tell es-Seba'] {H-51}; another reportedly from modern Beersheba {G-51})
  10. Beit Mirsim (Tell Beit Mirsim; Debir or Kirjath Sepher?) {I-45}
  11. Beit Safafa (abbreviated as "S" due to congestion) {P-36}
  12. Beitin (Bethel?) {R-30}
  13. Betar (Beitar, Bethar, or Khirbet el-Yahud) {O-36}
  14. Beth Horon Lower {M-31}
  15. Beth Shemesh (Ain Shems or Tell er-Rumeileh) {J-36}
  16. Beth Zur (Khirbet et-Tubeiqa) {M/N-41}
  17. Bethlehem {Q-37}
  18. Burj (Khirbet el-Burj in the northen end of Ramot Alon; 167.83/136.78) {P-33}
  19. Chephirah (Hirbet Kefire, or Kefireh, or Khirbet el-Kefirah) {N-33}
  20. Dorban (Horvat Dorban, or Horvat Dorvan, or Khirbet esh-Sheikh Ibrahim) {shown on 19th-century survey map in L-35 immediately southeast of Estaol about 19km west of Jerusalem, but described by excavator (Yohanan Aharoni) as 15km southwest of Jerusalem, which would be M-36, N-37, O-38, P-39}
  21. Ekron (Tel Miqne or Khirbet el-Muqanna') {G-34}
  22. En Gedi (Tel Goren) {U-45}
  23. Erani (Tel 'Erani, Tel Gat, Tel Gath, Tell Sheykh 'Ahmed el-Areyny, or Tell Esh Sheikh Ahmed el-'Areini, Tell 'Araq el-Mensiyeh, 'Arak el-Mensiyeh) {E-40}
  24. Estaol (Eswa') {K/L-35}
  25. Eton (Tel 'Eton, Aitun, Eitun, or Tell Eiton; Eglon?) {I-44}
  26. Gath (Tell es-Safi or Tel Zafit) {G-37}
  27. Gedor (Hirbet Jedur) {N-39}
  28. Gezer {I-32}
  29. Gibeah (Tell el-Ful) {Q-33}
  30. Gibeon (el-Jib) {P-33}
  31. Haphurit (Givat Haphurit South) {L-38}
  32. Hebron (a spur of Jebel Rumeida or Tell er-Rumeideh) {N-43}
  33. Ira (Tel 'Ira, Horvat el-Garra, or Khirbat al-Gharra) {K-51}
  34. Jannaba (Khirbet Jannaba et Tahta or el Gharbiya) {I-38}
  35. Jaresh (Hirbet Jaresh) {N-37}
  36. Jericho (Tell es-Sultan) {W-32}
  37. Jerusalem {Q-35} (see Jerusalem Sites map for details)
  38. Jezreel (Tel Yizre'el) {T-11}
  39. Karmel (southern site near el-Khalil) {O-46}
  40. Keilah (Khirbet Qeila) {K-40}
  41. Ketef Hinnom (abbreviated as "H" due to congestion) {Q-35}
  42. Kikkar Safra (Kikar Safra = "City Hall"; Russian compound; abbreviated as "K" due to congestion) {Q-35}
  43. Lachish (Tell ed-Duweir) {G-41}
  44. Mamsyt (Kurnub) {M-58} (no handles found here; shown only for reference to Name theory; see MMST page)
  45. Manahat (Malha; abbreviated as "M" due to congestion) {P-35/36}
  46. Maon (Khirbet Ma'in) {O-46}
  47. Marah (Hirbet Marah el-Jumma) {O-38}
  48. Mareshah (Marissa or Tell Sandahannah) {H-41}
  49. Masud (Khirbat el-Masud or el-Mas'ud) {J-38 just north of Sokoh-N; no dot due to congestion}
  50. Mevaseret Zion (Mavasseret Zion or Mevasseret Yerushalayim) {O-34}
  51. Moresheth-Gath (Tell ej-Judeideh or Tel Goded) {H/I-40}
  52. Nahal Tut (Nachal Toot; between Jokne'am or Jokneam or Yokne’am or Yoqneam, & Bat-Shlomo or Bat Shelomo) {L-9}
  53. Nahalal (General Moshe Dayan's family farm) {P-6}
  54. Nasbeh (Tell en-Nasbeh; Mizpah?) {Q-31}
  55. Nebi Samwil (abbreviated as "NS" due to congestion; Mizpah?) {P-33}
  56. Nes Harim {M-36}
  57. Nisya (Khirbet Nisya, Nisieh; Ai?) {Q-31}
  58. Qeiyafa (Khirbet Qeiyafa) {J-37}
  59. Qom (Khirbet el-Qom; Makkedah?) {J-42}
  60. Qumran {W-36}
  61. Rabud (Khirbet Rabud; Debir?) {K/L-45}
  62. Ramat Rahel (Ramat Rachel; Khirbet es-Sallah; Netopha or Beth-Haccerem?) {Q-36}
  63. Ras (Khirbet er-Ras or Givat Malha; abbreviated as "R" due to congestion) {P-36}
  64. Rimmon (Tel Halif, Tell el-Khuweilifeh, or Lahav) {H-47}
  65. Samrah (Khirbet es-Samrah) {U-37}
  66. Sharta (Tel Sharti, Khirbet Sharta, or H. Sirta in the city Kiryat/Qiryat Atta, formerly named Kefar/Kfar Ata) {O-3}
  67. Shilhah (Horvat Shilha, Hurvat Shilhah, or Khirbet Shilheh) {U-32}
  68. Shokef (Tell ash-Shuqf or 'En Shoqef) {D-41/42}
  69. Sokoh-N[orth] (Tel Sochoh, Tel Socoh, Tel Sokoh, Horevot Sokho, Horvat Sokha, Khirbet Shuweikeh, Khirbet es-Shuweikeh, or Khirbet 'Abbad; 2 adjacent but distinct excavation sites) {J-38}
  70. Sokoh-S[outh] {L-46} (no handles found here; shown only for reference to Name theory; see Biblical texts on SUKE page)
  71. Timnah (Tel Batash) {I-35}
  72. Tumulus #4 (Kiriat Menahem or Kiryat Menah'em; abbreviated as "T" due to congestion) {P-35}
  73. Umm Tuba (Metofa; Netofa/Netopha?) {Q-36}
  74. Yael ('Ein Ya'el, Ein Yalu, or Nahal Yo'el; abbreviated as "Y" due to congestion) {P-36}
  75. YD62 (Yehudah Dagan's survey site #62; unnamed farming site) {L-37}
  76. YD66 (Yehudah Dagan's survey site #66; unnamed farming site) {G-37}
  77. YD187 (Yehudah Dagan's survey site #187; unnamed, unfortified building site) {I-43}
  78. YD199 (Yehudah Dagan's survey site #199; unnamed farming site) {I-43}
  79. Zawiyeh (Hirbet Zawiyeh) {O-40}
  80. Zayit (Tel Zayit or Zeitah) {G-39}
  81. Ziph-N[orth] {O-44} (no handles found here; shown only for reference to Name theory; note that the southern Ziph site has not yet been identified; see Biblical texts on ZYF page)
After subtracting the 3 reference sites (Mamsyt, Sokoh [S], & Ziph [N]), the total # of sites where handles have actually been found is 78.
Note:  This map was produced using a 2005 road atlas, a 2005 satellite photo, & additional detail from archeological reports.
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