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In Eretz-Israel vol. 15, Andre Lemaire identified a type named "O II" based on Ramat Rahel handle 1321-4 (presently listed herein on the x2x page); however, when scrutinized using the clear film line drawings developed for this website, it seems possible that this impression was probably made by one of the known LMLK seals with an inscription on it (probably an M2U; possibly an M2D, Z2D, or G2T).  As with many strange impressions, sometimes the inscription may be weak/missing even though the icon may be strong/clear.  Of course, there's also a chance that the seal was originally engraved & used when it only had an icon, & then at some later time the inscription was engraved.

From "Excavations at Ramat Rahel:  Seasons 1959 & 1960" by Yohanan Aharoni

Originally, this web page listed the following two impressions as being stamped by a unique 2-winged seal that did not have any inscriptions on it by design--not due to a weak impression:

From the Bade Institute at the Pacific School of Religion (Nasbeh ID#:  M2915, Q12, X5)

From "Qedem:  Monographs of the Institute of Archaeology 41" by Donald T. Ariel & Yair Shoham, distributed by The Israel Exploration Society (Shiloh's City of David; #43)

What prompted this identification was the apparently unique, asymmetric wing design seen on two different handles excavated from different sites.  However, there are distorted impressions made by some of the LMLK seals with inscriptions resulting in similar asymmetric wings such as:

From the private collection of Michael Welch (ID#60)

From the private collection of Michael Welch (ID#71)

Reproduced by permission of the Palestine Exploration Fund in London, England (from Jerusalem; #142):

So although there may have been such a seal with only an icon & no inscription, right now there are no clear, deep impressions that cannot be associated with other 2-winged & 4-winged seals.  Actually, there are many impressions that may have been made by the H2D, M2U, or Z2D seals at a time when dried clay filled the inscription crevices thereby hindering distinct impressions.  Consider how portions of the following impressions are very deep, & yet some of the letters are either partially or completely missing:

The mem should not be missing from this obvious H2D:

From the private collection of Michael Welch (ID#14)

Although faint traces of the Lamed, Kaf, & Fay can be discerned on the left side of this impression, the oval border is present & the icon is deep in this obvious Z2D:

From the private collection of Michael Welch (ID#50)

"Then the priests brought in the ark of the covenant of the LORD to its place, into the inner sanctuary of the temple, to the Most Holy Place, under the wings of the cherubim."--1Kings 8:6, 2Chronicles 5:7
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