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This page summarizes the private collection of Jared James Clark.  The following commentary was written by him for publication on this website:

As a youth minister, I show these seals to my jr. high students, friends, family, and neighbors and share about the amazing accounts of King Hezekiah. I recount Hezekiah’s amazing heart for doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord. How he turned the kingdom around by destroying all the high places and idols, how he made reforms and made sure his people were living truthfully to Scripture, how he sought God when the people cried out during times of distress, how God answered and delivered his people from foreign armies, how his prayers reflected the magnificence of his God and his adoration to him, and how even though he was the greatest king Judah had ever known he was still a sinner with pride whom God showed compassion on.

Biblical Archeology is one of my favorite things to study and collect. I fell in love with the subject when I studied with my dear friend Nate Forman and Eternity Bible College in 2008. I have also been able to return with my wonderful wife Kristin in 2010 for a summer study trip with Dr. Michael Grisanti and The Masters Seminary. When I went, I was blown away by how the Bible can come alive in so many fascinating and unique ways through studying on the very grounds where so much took place. Though I find that Biblical Archeology presents stunning and extraordinary support to the truths of the Bible, for me it does not compare to the greatest source of proof that the Bible has, which I believe is the very words themselves.

By God's grace I am also now the founder of an up and coming museum entitled, "The Museum of Christian History and Archaeology". The museum is designed to bring the world of the Bible to life in a unique way that is exciting, tangible, and inspiring. I personally hope and believe this museum will be an incredible tool for teaching, equipping, and nurturing future generations with a deeper understanding of Christian history, archaeology, and the Bible. The museum's website can be viewed at Christianarchaeology.org or Christianmuseum.org

Lastly, I am very thankful to all the faithful men and women who have labored hard for this amazing study. Thank you for all your endeavors.

General statistics:
  • 3 HBRN
  • 0 MMST
  • 0 SUKE
  • 1 ZYF
  • 0 Generic
  • 0 cannot classify by inscription

  • 2 2-winged
  • 2 4-winged
Specific statistics: Generic HBRN MMST SUKE ZYF
2-Winged (Rigid & Top-Register) 0 0 0 0 0
2-Winged Divided   1 0 0 1
2-Winged Undivided   0 0 0 0
4-Winged Lapidarist   1 0 0 0
4-Winged Cursory (many; all Type 484s)   1     0
4-Winged Cursory (few; mostly pithoi)     0   0

In addition to the LMLK stamps shown below, this collection also includes a pictographic seal-impression handle (#5).


  1. H2D, 9:00, SGx, 0 (ID#1; click for detailed photos):

  2. H4C

  3. H4C, 1:00, SGx, 0 (ID#2; click for detailed photos):

  4. H4L

  5. H4L, 12:00, SGx, 0 (ID#4; click for detailed photos):

  6. Z2D

  7. Z2D, 4:00, AGx, 0 (ID#3; click for detailed photos):

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